occurrence 514

Every 27 years...

image from Infamous Horror Facebook Page



Occurrence 511

Random at Hallmark...


occurrence 509

In the description of the new movie, The Last Descent, you can read, 
... spoiler alert ... 

"... the 27-year-old husband and father became stuck and, despite rescue efforts, passed away 27 hours later."


occurrence 506

In the movie, Hail Caesar! the main character, Eddie Maddix, admits at the beginning and the end that it has been 27 hours since his last confession.

Also, right before George Clooney's character is kidnapped, you see a large 27 on the side of the building he is getting ready to go into. The room he is entering says, "room no. 14." (Which is 2 x 7.)


occurrence 505

In Zootopia, a news reporter mentions that a polar bear attacking a caribou is the "...27th such attack."

occurrence 504

In V for Vendetta, the inspector mentions that he has been a loyal party member for the last 27 years. Later in the movie there is a new disease that gets reported for causing 27 deaths.


Occurrence 502

It doesn't matter how many cookies there are... there are 27 cookies...


Occurrence 499

Here is a worksheet to use with your children. It is very important that they understand how to write the number twenty seven. 

I found this through the Google Image Search. I am pretty certain it came from a scholastic website. 

Occurrence 498

At the school where I work, we had a "Biggest Loser" competition this winter. I am not sure how the whole thing was set up, but there was to be an overall winner at the end, but there was also supposed to be weekly winners as well. These winnings came out of the collected money we all contributed into the contest. I didn't hear what the final team won, but since my team came in first one of the weeks, I won some money... The weekly winning was $54 for the team... which means that since we won one time, and the winning was to be split between me and my partner... (you guessed it) ... I won $27!

Occurrence 497

The +Edgewood Baptist Church Google Plus Page has Twenty Seven +1's!


Occurrence 496

Oh... how many cups should this hold? What about a random number like twenty seven?


Occurrence 495

A round trip from my driveway to school back to my driveway is exactly 27 miles.

Occurrence 494

I just noticed on Amazon that customers found my reviews helpful 27 times.

Here is a screenshot of when I noticed it.


Occurrence 493

I just googled "Carle Hospital" and I saw that with the results there are "...27 listings of Emergency Care Facilities in Champaign on"

I don't know if it will continue to show that result, hence the screenshot, but you can google it for yourself to see... Carle Hospital on Google


Occurrence 492

Just finished watching Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 7 and the Doctor said that he had, "two hearts and like twenty seven brains..."

Not only am I not surprised that The Doctor has multiple brains, at least according to him, I am also not surprised that the writers of a SciFi show would choose the number 27 when attempting too choose a seemingly random number.

Occurrence 491

In my classroom... The teacher's desk is the 27th desk.

(How did I not notice this before? How did I miss the fact that there are 27 desks in my room?!?)

Occurrence 490

Why aren't there 28 ways?