Do you even need to ask?  Have you not seen the number 27 everywhere?

By the time I turned 27 years old, on the 27th of August, 1999 (9+9+9=27), I was already a person who liked the number 27.  But it was shortly after that, while teaching in room 127, that I started noticing that this number was everywhere.  The phone number for the school was 447-2727, my favorite pizza place was number 447-2277, I lived across the street from house number 1127, I kept waking up at 5:27am, my birthday was on the 27th, my wife's was on 2/27, I had a dog that was born on 1/27, I had 2 sisters each 7 years apart, assign numbers to the alphabet and then add up the digits to those corresponding numbers on my name and you get 27, and this was all happening while I was 27 years old.  Tack on my math teaching profession and the encounters with 27 just from working out math problems on the board and it was getting ridiculous.

I started mentioning it to my students, they thought I was nuts, until they started seeing the number 27 as well.  It got really creepy when I started looking online for any correlations with this number... and guess what?  There were other people like me!  The first one I noticed was Chris More.  His story was so similar to mine.

So there you go... That is how this site got started, I just wanted to start blogging the number 27.  If you would like to connect with some others that have been seeing the number 27, join us on Facebook!