occurrence 227

I saved a good one for my two hundred and twenty-seventh post.

On August 7th, 2027, there will be a near earth object. NASA says this about that object:
New observations are now available for asteroid 1999 AN10, which is gradually moving away from the glare of the Sun. The new data allow a considerably improved orbit to be calculated for this potentially hazardous object, and the revised predictions indicate that this kilometer-size asteroid could pass particularly close to the Earth on August 7, 2027. The passage in 2027 could be as close as 37,000 km from the Earth's center (just 19,000 miles above the Earth's surface), but no closer.
To give you an idea of how close that is going to be, the earth is about 360,000 km from the moon.


On August 7th of 2027, I will still be 54 years old (which is 27x2). Also on the 7th it will be 20 days before my birthday.


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    I noticed this one as well.


  2. it's also post #227

  3. it's also the 227th post