occurrence 59

There is a punk band in called 27.

(I am not endorsing them though. The titles of their songs seemed a little questionable.)


  1. just a thought not really a comment on the band

    here could be another occurance...
    Why do I receive the following error code when processing a credit card transaction?

    Error Code 27

    Cause: Receiving Error Code 27 when processing a credit card transaction indicates that the Merchant ID submitted by the QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) system does not match the submitted Terminal ID.

    For information regarding the use of QuickBooks Point-of-Sale features, see the help included in the product. From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose Help Contents.

    To resolve this issue, confirm the Merchant ID and Terminal ID information with Wells Fargo by calling (800) 523-0422. When you have confirmed the ID numbers, enter them in POS:

  2. this blog rocks! i actually stumbled across it while clicking the "next blog" icon on the top right of the screen!