occurence thirty-nine

At the 2005 Biblical Counseling Training Conference, Dr. Wayne Mack, a noted author, taught on the works of the Holy Spirit. He had a list of scripture references that detailed these works. There were 27 reference listed. Hence, The 27 Works of the Holy Spirit.


  1. harmless -
    The following is a bit of constructive criticism.

    I don't expect us to agree on everything, that's the beauty of this country. I do respect your beliefs. I acknowledge Christianity as a religion/belief structure/life style; however you want to label it. I was raised Christian and as of late depend on an amalgam, that includes Christianity, of ideas/faiths/beliefs to shape my spiritual life.

    One thing bothers me about your blog: the use of "My Lord - Jesus Christ," in your profile. May I suggest a less possessive approach: “The Lord - Jesus Christ.” The use of 'Our' would be a bit too much even. 'My' is just a bit too much, even redundant. It's obvious that it's your blog. No need to state on a blog an attempt to possess figure of a faith that is nearly visible in every corner of the world.

    Continue your great blog of the journaling of ‘27.’ I feel a bit of a connection being that my blog is called ‘thirty7tofind.’ Check my blog out for an explanation on why ‘thirty7.’ It seems that you find comfort in 27 as I have in thirty7. These little idiosyncrasies are what make life so amazing and joyfully confusing at the same time. I have enjoyed your blog today. Enjoy the word count of this comment and have an excellent day. -thirty7


  2. I hear what you are saying, but the problem is that he is truly my Lord. He is my king.

    If someone were to come up to me on the street and say, "excuse me sir, do you have a Lord?"

    My response would be, "yes. I do have a Lord. He is my Lord Jesus Christ."

    I hear what you are saying alot, but the other problem that I have is that my mathematical mind will not allow conflicting truths. So I have been a truth seeker. And I have come to believe, mostly because it is the only one that makes sense, that the Bible and its truths are what is real.

    Also, thanks for the word count!