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the number 23 27

I have been avoiding posting about this for quite some time. I didn't want to mention this number 23 movie out of my own annoyance. Oh sure, those who know me best know that I probably freaked out a little when I first saw the trailer for this movie. It's resemblance to my life (if you leave out the psychotic killer part) is uncanny. Unfortunately they got the number wrong.

The number to watch isn't 23, although 23 is a very interesting number. The real number to keep your eye on is the number 27. They probably wanted to make a movie about the number 27, but decided it was a little too real, so they picked the next best thing. The number 27 is always lurking there though. Even if you try to focus on another number.

Let me give you a for example... Let's say that you wanted to talk about the axial tilt of the earth. Some might point out the 23° that is associated with it, but according to Wikipedia, the axial tilt is 23° 27'.

Even looking at this 23 movie, consider this preview that I found which mysteriously stops at 0:27, even though the length of the clip is 0:28.

Maybe you have noticed the fact that the movie is coming out on 02/23/07. Kinda silly that they decided to premier this movie on the 23rd, but did you notice that if you just list the month and the year... 02/07... That's right, a 27 is right there, surrounding, engulfing the 23.

Which, by the way, I am in no way trying to promote the viewing of this movie. I have not seen it, so I cannot speak for its content. I just thought that I would point out their mistake in choosing the wrong number to make a movie about.

Anyway, here is another short preview of the movie, if you haven't seen it.

(Notice that the clip is 31 seconds long. What is the number that is exactly half way between 23 and 31? You guessed it.)


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    i have seen the movie (NUMBER23) and jim carrey mentions "27" in it a few times. i have been experiencing the 27 for just about 3 years now.


  2. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am not surprised to hear that there are 27's in it.