Friends of Twenty Seven: I hope to expand by 27%!

This blog has always been simply a collection of "27" occurrences.  Tha is pretty much all I have ever done with this site, but I am considering expanding its scope.  

To get started, I added the new "Google Friend Connect" feature to this blog.  So, for the 7 of you who have decided to become followers, I would like to encourage you to join as friends.  If you are reading this through a feed reader, you will need to come to the site to "join".  Just look at the sidebar to the right.  Click the button that says JOIN!

The first feature that I have added is the ability to post on the sidebar.  You can also add videos from YouTube.  I am thinking about (eventually) adding new contributors to this blog, but that is a little ways away.  If I do, I am going to use the Friend Connect to choose those contributors.

Other things I am thinking about adding in the near future:
  • A way to submit pictures
  • A way to submit occurrences
  • A way to submit theories
  • A way to submit stories
  • etc.
  • (I also need a better layout...)
If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section of this post.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps we should join forces. I am a fan of forums. There are some other good software programs out there...